Annual Translation Studies Research Lecture

Professor Loredana Polezzi (Cardiff University) speaks on translation and migration at the annual lecture.

The Centre of Translation Studies (Leeds) and CETRA (University of Leuven) are delighted to announce that Loredana Polezzi, Professor in Translation Studies at Cardiff University and Editor of The Translator will give the Annual Translation Studies Research Lecture in 2019. 

Professor Polezzi will be speaking on 'Translation and the Transnational Memory of migration'. 

In recent years a number of scholars have pointed out that memory needs to be understood as a transnational phenomenon (Erll, 2009; De Cesari and Rigney, 2014). In this lecture, Professor Polezzi will examine the link between a specific kind of transnational memory – the memory of migration – and processes of linguistic as well as cultural translation. She will discuss selected examples taken from the recent history of Italian mobilities, examining how written and visual translations, their circulation and their fruition are mobilized to mediate and remediate a shared memory of migration which is at once transnational and translational.

All welcome.

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