Iqbal Centre for the Study of Contemporary Islam


The Iqbal Centre for the Study of Contemporary Islam seeks to foster understanding of the field of Muslim reformist thought as an area of growing interest in Islamic and Religious Studies. It does so through its dynamic programme of teaching and research activity; supporting and enriching undergraduate and postgraduate study; and bringing Muslim reformist thought to the wider public via a number of media, including conferences, seminar series, workshops and dynamic online resources. Based in the School of Languages, Cultures and Societies at the University of Leeds, and linked to the Arabic, Islamic and Middle Eastern Studies subject area, the aims of the Centre are:

  • To support the research and teaching of reformist thought within the University of Leeds;
  • To provide cohesion and coherence to the existing work already being done in Arabic, Islamic and Middle Eastern Studies around reformist thought;
  • To promote the study of Muslim reformist thought nationally and internationally;
  • To build strategic links with national and international scholars and organisations working on Muslim reformist thought;
  • To build strategic links and partnerships with the Muslim communities of Yorkshire and the UK generally.