Nathan Wood


I am a doctoral candiate within the Sustainability Research Institue and Interdisciplinary Applied Ethics Centre. My research is concerned with local and global climate justice. I am interested in the risks that climate adaptation and mitigation policies pose to already vulnerable groups. As part of my research I look into how we can conceptualise this process and how we might formulate policy that better avoids these outcomes. I work with the capabilities approach to conceptualise how these vulnerabilities arise and how they might be exacerbated.

I am also interested in exploring alternative policy measures as to how we might curb societal and personal emissions in equitable and more inclusive ways. In particular I am keen to explore policy measures which look beyond market mechanisms as a means of curbing emissions.

I studied Environment, Economics, and Ecology at the University of York, before converting to a MEnv with a focus on corportate social responsibility. 

Dr Rob Lawlor, Prof John Barrett, Dr Katy Roelich

Awarded by the IDEA Centre and the School of Earth and Environment

MEnv Environment, Economics and Ecology (Hons), University of York (2016)


Research interests

Talk to me about: climate change, climate justice, energy justice, equity, capabilities approach