Professor Wendy R. Childs


I completed my BA and my PhD at Girton College, Cambridge. I joined the School of History at Leeds in 1975. Throughout my career my teaching spanned medieval English and European History at undergraduate and postgraduate levels. I became Reader (1997) and Professor (2005). I was Director of the institute for Medieval Studies (1989-93) and Chair of the School of History (1991-4). I was on the Council of the Royal Historical Society 1999-2006.  I retired in 2007 but continue to research and write on medieval trade and fourteenth century politics and chronicles.

Research interests

My research has always had two distinct branches. The first is in England’s international trade. This work is underpinned by the excellent series of national customs accounts which survive at the National Archives, Kew.  I have been especially interested in Anglo-Iberian trade; my first book was Anglo-Castilian Trade (1978) and my most recent one was Trade and Shipping in the Medieval West: Portugal, Castile and England (2013); in between I have published widely on other branches of England’s overseas trade (eg Italy, Ireland, Iceland), and on its commodities (iron, timber, cloth, painter’s materials) and ports and areas (Hull, Bristol, the Channel Islands, Devon and East Anglia).

My second main interest has been in fourteenth century politics (especially the reign of Edward II) and English chronicles. Here I have edited  (with John Taylor) part of the Anonimalle Chronicle (Brotherton MS 29), re-edited the Vita Edwardi Secundi (Oxford Medieval Texts 2005), and edited (with John Taylor and Leslie Watkiss) two volumes of The St Albans Chronicle (Oxford Medieval Texts 2003, 2011), the second volume of which was awarded the J. Franklin Jameson Prize of the American Historical Association.

I have two further chapters in the press, and I am currently preparing a volume of documents for the reign of Edward II with Phillipp Schofield.


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