Book Published: 'In the Mirror of the Prodigal Son'

Pietro Delcorno, a post-doctoral researcher, wrote a book published in October 2017 titled, 'In the Mirror of the Prodigal Son: The Pastoral Uses of a Biblical Narrative (c. 1200-1550)'.

In the Mirror of the Prodigal Son, published by Brill, provides a comprehensive history of the function of the parable of the prodigal son in shaping religious identity in medieval and Reformation Europe. By investigating a wealth of primary sources, the book reveals the interaction between commentaries, sermons, religious plays, and images as a decisive factor in the increasing popularity of the prodigal son. Since this narrative became the ideal story to convey a discourse about sin and penance, grace and salvation, the parable was established as the paradigmatic biography of any believer. 

To find out more or to purchase the book, see the publisher's website (introduction and epilogue are available in open access). 

Delcorno is a NWO Rubicon post-doctoral fellow at the Leeds Humanities Research Institute (LHRI), School of Languages, Cultures, and Societies. His research interests include late medieval and early modern preaching, religious theatre, medieval biblical studies, the Observant movement, and late medieval social history.