'The Future of Medieval Studies' Proposal Deadline Extended

The two-day symposium 'The Future of Medieval Studies', held at the University of Leeds on the occasion of the fiftieth anniversary of the IMS, has extended the proposal deadline to 30 March 2018.

The Future of Medieval Studies
Thursday 31 May - Friday 1 June 2018

Proposal deadline extended to 30 March 2018. 

Medieval Studies has developed enormously over the last fifty years. This symposium marks the fiftieth anniversary of the Leeds Institute for Medieval Studies by exploring current developments in the field. Of particular importance for the future of Medieval Studies is how we can enrich and expand on the themes of our research, the environments and methods of our research, and the diversity of our researchers. 

How can Medieval Studies be made more engaged and better reflect the world of the present and the future (and should it)? To answer this question, the symposium will explore three closely-connected topics:

- The diversity of the Middle Ages

- The diversity of Medieval Studies

- The diversity of medievalists 

Proposals from individuals or groups to run hour-long sessions of participatory activities, as opposed to papers in a traditional format, are welcomed. Formats include: 

- Seminar-style discussions

- Focused analyses of primary evidence

- Several very short presentations (maximum of 5-10 minutes) followed by discussion

- Developing policies/strategies for improving diversity

- Structured small-group activities

- Assessments of critical frameworks/methodologies

- Structured debates

Proposals of up to 300 words must be submitted by 30 March 2018, and must include the title of the activity, the type/format of the activity, which topic(s) the activity addresses, resources and equipment needed, and the number and details of people involved in the session. 

Please be experimental, creative, and flexible! 

Registration is free, and lunch and refreshments will be provided. There is some financial support available to support the attendance of a limited number of individuals. Please direct all submissions, expressions of interest or questions to MedievalStudiesFuture@leeds.ac.uk. 

Contact and More Information
Conference email: MedievalStudiesFuture@leeds.ac.uk

Conference website: https://ims.leeds.ac.uk/future-of-medieval-studies/ (Further detail about conference topics, the format of the symposium, and more is available here.)