Registration Open for IMS Postgraduate Conference, 'Medieval Bodies Ignored'

The IMS Postgraduate Conference titled 'Medieval Bodies Ignored: Politics, Culture, and Flesh' is now open for registration, and a draft programme is also available.

Medieval Bodies Ignored 
This interdisciplinary IMS Postgraduate Conference, titled Medieval Bodies Ignored: Politics, Culture, and Flesh, will be held at the University of Leeds from 4-6 May 2018. The conference will focus upon the cultural history of the body, particularly that relating to bodies that are ignored, by either medieval society or modern scholarship. In building up a sensory and somatic understanding of daily corporeal existence in the Middle Ages, with a particular focus on those elements of medieval society that are both seen and unseen, this conference will encourage a richer understanding of the complexity of medieval life and culture. 

Registration for the conference is currently open; the full price is £20.00, and concessions are £5.00. More information about concessions and registration can be found here. 

For any queries, contact the organisers at  

A draft conference programme is also available, and features the following panels, with three presentations each: 

  • Young Bodies
  • Animal Bodies
  • Heroic Bodies
  • Queering Lives
  • Holy Bodies
  • Dead Bodies
  • Troubling Bodies

In addition to the panels, the conference features multiple keynote lectures and a roundtable titled 'Ignored Bodies in Academia'. Keynote lectures are delivered by Professor Kristina Richardson (Associate Professor of History, Queens College, The City University of New York), and Professor Carole Rawcliffe (Emeritus Professor of Medieval History, University of East Anglia). The respondent concluding the conference is Katherine Lewis (Senior Lecturer in History, University of Huddersfield). 

Associated Events
A student-run series of lectures and events designed to complement this conference is also currently underway. More information about past events in this series or for further information about upcoming events is available here.