Successful Fundraiser for Swim Across America

The IMS and School of History fundraiser for Swim Across America, IMS MA student Stacy Anker's charity of choice, was highly successful and well-attended.

The Swim Across America fundraising event, held in the Hamilton-Thompson Foyer in the Michael Sadler Building at the University of Leeds from 14:00-16:00 on 24 May 2018, was hosted by the Institute for Medieval Studies (IMS) and School of History. Attendees were invited to participate in a Bake-Your-Research Challenge, and to visit with Shadow the wellbeing dog. 

The event, held in honour of IMS MA student Stacy Anker (pictured above with her mother after a Swim Across America event), was a great success. A total of seven entries rounded out the Bake-Your-Research Challenge, and participants voted on their favourite bakes while enjoying complimentary coffee or tea. Andrea Mancini (IMS PG Researcher) ultimately won the prize for his purgatory cake entry. Faculty, administrative staff, and MA and PhD students part of the School of History and IMS stopped by regularly, and petting Shadow remained popular throughout the afternoon. 

A total of £271.35 was raised for Swim Across America, and will be donated specifically to the Long Island Sound Chapter. Anker has participated in annual swims with this chapter since 2005 and described them as 'the absolute highlight of my summer'. The funds raised from swims in this chapter are directed to the Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center (USA). 

Anker is now undergoing treatment for cancer herself at this hospital, and appreciates the generosity of her colleagues. Anker called the amount raised 'amazing', and said she is 'honoured' by the support shown through the fundraiser.