School of History Podcast: Global History

New colleague Dr Rebecca Darley discusses her research, teaching and upcoming book project.

In the latest School of History Podcast, Dr Rebecca Darley, a new Lecturer in Global History between 500–1500 AD joins Dr John Gallagher

A renowned historian of material culture, Dr Darley specialises in the period c. 250-750 in the East Mediterranean and western Indian Ocean. Key parts of her research include the importance of sources, coinage, understanding political systems and how they shape the experience of everyday people, along with the role of materials and objects. 

Throughout her research, Dr Darley’s particular interest in sources has led her to realise that sometimes sources can be biased, erasing people from history. Through extensive travel and dedication to her work, she has delved deeper and unearthed the meaningful stories behind some of this region’s history, bringing these stories and people back to the forefront. This is a topic that Dr Darley plans to explore in her upcoming book which will focus on the Western Indian Ocean in the first millennium. 

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School of History Podcast: Global History