School of History podcast: medieval religious history with Professor Emilia Jamroziak

Professor of Medieval Religious History Emilia Jamroziak discusses her research background and interests and current projects with Dr John Gallagher, Lecturer in Early Modern History. 

I like the detective work that medieval historians have to do to put together extremely scarce and fragmentary evidence into a coherent and convincing story.

Professor Emilia Jamroziak

In their fascinating conversation about Emilia's passion for medieval history and her career, Emilia and John talk about medieval religion, and the differences with modern Western society, and the feeling, as a historian, of being a "foreigner in a different world" when investigating historical periods. 

Professor Jamroziak is currently working on a AHRC-funded project, titled ‘The Sacred Landscapes of Medieval Monasticism’, and another project about the afterlife of medieval monasticism (funded by Marie Curie, Horizon 2020 and the University of Erfurt). 

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The creative aspect of medieval history very much appeals to me, and the opportunity to work not just with text but also with objects, images and medieval culture more broadly.