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A black and white etched illustration of a man bartering for two chickens with the owner of a shop.

On Friday 11th November, the School of History hosted a workshop entitled: ‘The Myth of Barter: Perspectives from the Global Middle Ages.'

Book cover of

The Soviet Sixties has recently been published by Yale University Press. Dr Hornsby joins us to tell us more about the book.

A portrait of John Gallagher smiling.

Dr Gallagher is a historian of Early Modern Britain and Europe, with particular interests in language, migration and education.

A bible in Latin

The medieval period is key to the history of Latin – so why has it become obscure? Explore this question and more in Dr Roe’s podcast episode.

Lisbon Castle against a sunny blue sky

Fernão Lopes' chronicles, which depict medieval life in the fifteenth century, have been translated in their entirety for the first time.