Postgraduate research — mini conference

This year's postgraduate research mini conference is a chance for our Postgraduate Researchers to share their projects with each other and colleagues in the school.

Each speaker will talk for three minutes about their research, followed by Q&A.

Join us to hear about some of the exciting research being carried out in the School of Fine Art, History of Art and Cultural Studies.


Session 1

Izzy Bartley
The Representation of Colonialism in Euro-American Designed Board Games

Hannah Mills
Art, Influence and Business: Leighton House, Holland Park and the artistic communities of London

Owen Atkinson
Rethinking Portraiture within Time-Based Media

Solvig Choi
Entangled apparatuses: people cameras mountains. A participatory ontology for science and technology collections

Session 2

Fiona Sit
The New World of 'Monstrosity': Reimagining Unknown Animals in Early Modern Rome

Hang Zhang
Exploring Cultural Images of South American Camelids: a practice-led PhD project by a Chinese-born UK-based Artist

Mathew Henrickson
Data modelling the Getty Provenance Index Germany 1900-1945: An Artificial Intelligence framework for analyzing text-based auction records

Capitalist Hauntologies at the End of the World: (Re)Structuring History on a Spatial Plane

Session 3

 Xuanning Zhao
On painterly suffering: An analysis of the representations of suffering in works of Ilya Repin

Lassla Esquivel Durand
An examination of the role of contemporary art private collections and its transformation in emerging markets (Júmex and CIAC Collections)

More information

This event is open to all Postgraduate Researchers and staff in the School of Fine Art, History of Art and Cultural Studies.

Please email if you require any further details.


School of Fine Art, History of Art and Cultural Studies, University of Leeds.