Fiona Sit


I returned to the University of Leeds in 2019 after receiving my MA in History of Art at the university. My MA dissertation centred on the visual culture in the Renaissance in relation to Michelangelo’s marble sculptures. Previously, I have worked at the Asia Art Archive and as a teacher in Hong Kong. My current research concentrates on European sculptures in the sixteenth and seventeenth centuries with a specific focus on Bernini’s modelli and bozzetti and the social understanding of sculptural media. This expands into a wider context that covers artistic production practices, philosophical thoughts on materials, and patronage and collection.

Research interests

  • Material and visual culture
  • Art theories of perception and spectatorship
  • Cultural encounters in Europe from the sixteenth century
  • History of collecting and patronage
  • Artistic and workshop practices


  • MA History of Art
  • BSc Biology