Mathew Henrickson

Mathew Henrickson


I am a post-graduate researcher at the University of Leeds in the School of Fine Art, History of Art and Cultural Studies, with a focus on the application of artificial intelligence to research histories of the art market. I studied French and Hispanic Studies at Liverpool University and later History of Art at the University of Buckingham. I have also worked for most of my career in the investment management industry, most recently using applied machine learning and data mining in the context of market research. I draw on these varied areas to develop new research tools for use in the historical research of the art market. 

Research interests

I am primarily interested in the use of machine learning techniques in the investigation of large historical art market data sets. The historical context of my research is the development of the German, Austrian and Swiss auction markets between 1900 and 1945. My research is practice-based and aims to develop an explainable, data-driven academic framework for researching histories of the art market. The three main techniques included in my research are data mining, natural language processing and classification modelling.



  • BA French and Hispanic Studies
  • MA History of Art