Sascha Preiß visits Leeds to lead an improvisation theatre workshop.

A fantastic opportunity for German@Leeds students to creatively improve their articulateness and emotional expressiveness in spoken German. The workshop is designed for students with little experience in theatre and acting. Following the spirit and rules of improvisation theatre, students will learn how to express themselves in different situations and emotions in German and thus become more confident in speaking German spontaneously in various contexts.

The workshop leader Sascha Preiß is an experienced actor, author and German tutor.

The workshop takes place over 1.5 days:

  • Thursday 30 Nov 1.30-5.30pm EC Stoner SR 8.90 
  • Friday 01 Dec 9am-1pm Liberty Building SR 1.11 and 2-6pm Hillary Place LG.01

If you are interested in attending or would like to find out more, please contact Judith Eberharter,