Symposium on Gender History (from the medieval to the modern period) in Spain

Four leading scholars on the history of gender in Spain will be presenting on and discussing the development and future study of gender in the history of Spain.

The four scholars are:

Nerea Aresti is a professor in the contemporary history department at the University of the Basque Country. Her publications include: ‘The Battle to Define Spanish Manhood”, Memory and Cultural History of the Spanish Civil War. Realms of Oblivion ‘and ‘Feminists and Feminisms in History’.

Inmacluda Blasco Herranz is an associate professor in the department of history and geography at La Laguna University. Her publications include ‘Gender and Nation in Francoism’ and ‘Defining and Explaining Historical Feminism’.

Carmen Caballero Navas, is associate professor in Jewish and Hebrew studies at the University of Granada. Her articles include ‘The Care of Women's Health and Beauty: an experience shared by medieval Jewish and Christian women’ and ‘Women, Bodies, and Hebrew Medieval Medical Literature’.

Pamela Radcliff is professor of history at the University of California, San Diego. Her publications include From Mobilization to Civil War: The Politics of Polarization in the Spanish City of Gijón, 1900-1937. Constructing Spanish Womanhood: Female Identity in Modern Spain, co-edited with Victoria Enders.  Making Democratic Citizens in Spain: Civil Society and the Popular Origins of the Democratic Transition, 1960-1978.

The symposium is organised by the Centre for the History of Ibero-America