Research seminar with Professor Gurharpal Singh: “Rethinking the Sikh Diaspora"

Centre for Religion and Public Life research seminar with Professor Gurharpal Singh about “Rethinking the Sikh Diaspora".

The Centre for Religion and Public Life is hosting a research seminar with Professor Gurharpal Singh (SOAS University of London), who will speak about:

“Rethinking the Sikh Diaspora in the Twenty-first Century: Tradition, Change and Creativity”

The Sikh diaspora of nearly 2–3 million dates from the late nineteenth century. Since the 1980s, this diaspora has been variously theorised as an exemplar of long-distance nationalism, a victim diaspora and as the harbinger of extremist politics.

This presentation, drawing on the recent literature on diaspora studies, will argue for the need to rethink the history and sociology of Sikh diaspora communities, to better reflect their contemporary condition.

A global perspective on this change can be gained by understanding the adaption of religious tradition, the changing nature of homeland politics, and the areas of innovation and creativity that are the essential characteristics of any diaspora in its struggle for integration and cultural autonomy within the host lands.


You are welcome to join the seminar in person, or online via MS Teams.