Online event: Keeping your integrity when under challenge

Join Richard Flint and Jim Baxter as they discuss what happens when organisational and personal integrity comes under pressure.

Integrity is about consistency between our words, our actions and our deeper ethical commitments. For most of us, it is important to believe that the ethics of the organisation we work for are in line with our own values.

But what happens when this is under challenge — either by external criticism, new information, or new perspectives? Is integrity about pushing back against these critics, keeping your hands clean, or honestly interrogating your actions and commitments and potentially trying to make a change?

This free online event poses these pressing questions to Richard Flint, one-time Chief Executive of Sky Bet. Throughout his time at the company, issues of ethics and integrity increasingly came to the fore, both within Sky Bet and beyond.

Richard will discuss how he wrestled with challenges of integrity and ethics over this period, and what this meant for the company and the wider industry.

An interview with Dr Jim Baxter of the Inter-Disciplinary Ethics Applied Centre will be followed by a question-and-answer session.

Join this free, public event via Microsoft Teams