History and Philosophy of Science Seminar: Lena Zuchowski

Dr Zuchowski (pictured below), from the University of Bristol, will talk on the following topic: ‘What Kind of Models are Deep Learning Algorithms?’

The research seminar of the Centre for History and Philosophy of Science runs fortnightly during term time.

Please note, that this event will be held on Microsoft Teams. Contact e.clarke@leeds.ac.uk for link to join the event.


‘What Kind of Models are Deep Learning Algorithms?’

Lena Zuchowski (University of Bristol)

I will introduce a novel conceptual framework for the analysis of scientific modelling. The framework will be used to distinguish and comparatively analyse three different ways of model construction: vertical from covering theory and empirical knowledge about a given target system; horizontal through the systematic variation or transfer of existing models; and diagonal through a combination of vertical and horizontal construction steps. I will then apply this framework to analyse the construction of Deep Learning Algorithms and will argue that they can be interpreted as the automated, vertical, bottom-up construction of a sequence of scientific models. Furthermore, I will maintain that the practice of transfer learning can be interpreted as horizontal model construction.

Image of Lena Zuchowski.

Pictured: Lena Zuchowski