Designing and Conducting Assessment Online

The first webinar in the Teaching Arabic Online: Opportunities and Challenges series.

Please note that this event is an online webinar.

This series will offer colleagues a platform to explore the opportunities and challenges of delivering Arabic teaching online. It is composed of three online webinars delivered by experienced educators in Language Teaching.

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Mohammed Dayoub is a teaching fellow at the University of Warwick. He graduated from Damascus University and pursued his postgraduate studies in the UK, specialising in phonetics, phonology and conversation analysis in both Arabic and in English. He started work at Warwick Language Centre in 1991 as a part-time tutor and contributed to the development of Arabic within the centre. In 2013, he focused on teaching and on the field of academic technology. He gained substantial experience in this area and helped various departments at Warwick to migrate their modules from Sitebuider into Moodle. He has worked at various universities across the UK, and is also a Principal Examiner and consultant for Cambridge International Examination (CIE). 
Designing and Conducting Assessment Online
In this webinar, Dr Dayoub will demonstrate how to develop online assessment and create a wide range of Arabic tasks to enhance learning and teaching. Delegates will be introduced to web tools and apps for developing such activities in the four Arabic language skills. This hands-on interactive session will include the following:

  • Why online assessment?
  • Qualities of good assessment
  • Timed v open book assessments
  • Developing online assessments for Arabic tasks (MCQs, true/false, multiple response, matching, sequencing, sentence completion, oral assessment, reading-writing etc.)
  • Creating valid and reliable assessments (Creating keys and distractors, creating stems, Adding complexity to MCQs etc.)
  • Marking and feedback

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