In conversation with Benedetta Cibrario

Dr Olivia Santovetti speaks with the Italian writer about her book, 'Il rumore del mondo' (finalist to the Strega prize 2019).

Topics for discussion:

the trends of contemporary Italian literature;

how to write an historical novel today;

the relationship between Italy and England in the first half of the nineteenth-century.

Respondent, Olivia Santovetti (Italian, School of Languages, Cultures and Societies) will be in conversation with Italian writer, Benedetta Cibrario (Finalist, Strega Prize 2019).

Please note this talk will be in Italian. All welcome!

Bio: Benedetta Cibrario (born Florence, 1962) is an Italian writer. She has published four novels with Feltrinelli (Rossovermiglio, 2007, Sotto cieli noncuranti 2010, Lo Scurnuso (2011) and L'uomo che dormiva al parco, 2012) and is the recepient of several prizes (Campiello prize in 2008, Rapallo Carige 2010). With her most recent novel, Il rumore del mondo (published with Mondadori in 2018) she was finalist for the Strega prize. She lives in London.

cover of Benedetta Cibrario's novel Il rumore del mondo