PhD Workshop: Manuscripts to Memorandums

A PhD workshop open to medievalist and modernist historians that focuses on discussing pitfalls and successes working with primary sources will be held on 16 May 2019 at the University of Leeds.

This workshop, titled 'Manuscripts to Memorandums: A Best Practice Workshop on Primary Sources for Medievalists and Modernists' follows the previous successful PhD workshop part of the 'Marginalisation and the Law' White Rose Project, which brought modernist and medievalists into dialogue on the theme of marginalisation and inclusivity. 

Medievalists and Modernists both engage with primary sources and experience pitfalls and successes when dealing with original documents. This workshop, organised by Mark Shearwood (School of History PGR researcher), is the first in a semi-regular series where Institute for Medieval Studies (IMS) and School of History postgraduates can share triumps and discuss concerns or struggles with primary sources in an engaging and supportive environment. 

Questions that will be considered at the workshop include: 

  • How do you resolve issues regarding bias, either intended or unintentional, from the author?
  • How does the intended audience effect your interpretation of the source?
  • Would you like to find out how other researchers deal with the complex issues of orthography and palaeography?
  • Have you come across a possible important document in a languague you do not know, and would you like some advice? 

Drinks will be available - all University of Leeds historian postgraduates are welcome. 

To register your attendance, or for any queries, email Mark Shearwood (