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This IMS Open Lecture is presented by Jeremy Johns (University of Oxford) and is titled 'Documenting Multiculturalism in Norman Sicily'.

Francesca Petrizzo (Universita di Roma 2) will present a lecture in the 2018-19 School of History Medieval History Seminar series, titled 'Normans Don't Cry: Grief, Anger, and the Hautevilles'.

International medieval biblio

A PhD workshop, part of the 'Marginalisation and the Law' White Rose project, seeks to bring modernists and medievalists into dialogue and will be held on 21 February 2019.

Image of Sheffield Castle

Dr John Moreland (University of Sheffield) will deliver a Medieval Group Lecture titled 'Sheffield Castle - Archives, Excavations, and Augmented Reality, 1927-2018'.


In this webinar we are joined by a panel of Leeds alumni who will share their experience of building their careers in China and Hong Kong.

This IMS Open Lecture, presented by Ronit Yoeli-Tlalim (University of London), is titled 'Searching Elixirs of Immortality in the Mongol Era'.

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