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Library with pillars, desks and shelves.

The Medieval Group will host an event with multiple speakers titled 'A Day in the Life of...Librarians'.

The Medieval Group concludes the 2018-2019 programme with a field-trip to Pickering Castle and Parish Church.

Michael Sadler building

School of History PGR & ECR employability training: Discover what makes an effective module.

Parkinson building

This is the first of the 2019 Mangoletsi Lectures by Christina Van Dyke.

Parkinson building

This is the second of this year's Mangoletsi Lectures, given by Professor Christina Van Dyke, Professor of Philosophy, Calvin College.

People at a history event

A three-year University of Leeds project overseen by Principal Investigator Professor Julia Barrow will conclude with a conference titled 'Rethinking Reform' at Ghent University in May 2019.

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