Mark Shearwood


Completed my BA in Leadership and Management at Anglea Ruskin University, graduating in 2014.

Completed a MA in War and Strategy at the University of Leeds with my Dissertation of the English Plug Bayonet, graduating in 2018


Research interests

My research interests primarily lie in the late seventeenth century England and Europe. I have a particular interest in the Glorious Revolution, and the reigns King James II and King William III.

I am currently researching the transition of the English army from the Catholic James II to the Protestant William III, and I am interested in aspects of Religious Identity, Constructed Identity, State Loyalty vs Religious or Personal Loyalty, Religious Conflict & Marginalisation within the military and its impact on the wider community.

I also have a research interest in the plug bayonet and late seventeenth century military technology and tactics. 




  • BA Leadership and Mabagement
  • MA War and Strategy