Siting/Representing the Arabic Translation Tradition: Exploring Anthology Work

Dr Myriam Salama-Carr (University of Manchester) presents at the second Annual Arabic, Islamic and Middle Eastern Studies Lecture of 2018/19.


The construction of a critical anthology is underpinned by the researchers’ expectations, and ideological stances (Cheung 2009), and can be described as a journey of exploration and representation with unexpected gaps and ruptures but also unpredicted finds. The paper will report on a nearly- completed anthology-building project focusing on the Arabic translation tradition. Starting from the premise that an anthology can serve “to create a tradition, as well as to define and preserve it” (Gates 1992:31), the paper will discuss some of the challenges encountered along the said journey, and explore the methodological and epistemological issues that the second stage of the project, a translation into English of the selected texts and their commentaries, is anticipated to raise.

Please join us - all welcome.