Reading Joyce’s ‘Aeolus

A collaborative event between the Institute of English Studies (University of London) and the School of English, University of Leeds.

Of the 18 episodes of James Joyce’s Ulysses (1922), ‘Aeolus’ has claims to be among the most neglected. Conspicuously revised after its first appearance in The Little Review in October 1918, it belongs exclusively neither with the opening chapters of Joyce’s novel nor with the more radically experimental narratives of the later episodes. In this way, it presents a textual curiosity in the book, long overdue critical reappraisal.

This workshop, a collaboration between the Finnegans Wake reading group at the School of English, University of Leeds and the Charles Peake Ulysses reading group, hosted by the Institute of English Studies at Senate House, aims to offer new perspectives on this all too easily overlooked episode. A second workshop will be held at the University of Leeds.

This event will be held at Senate House, London. For further details and to register for the first workshop, please see the IES website: