Medical Ethics Evening

Join us for our bi-annual Medical Ethics evening where we will be discussing current medical issues and their ethical implications.

We are happy to announce the new date of our previously postponed Medical Ethics Evening.

We are welcoming medical professionals and MA alumni Jo Best and Rachel Sutherland to discuss the ethical issues they raised in their MA dissertations.

Jo’s discussion will be asking: “Do we have a moral duty to be healthy?”

Rachel will be discussing: “The Moral Bio-enhancement of Psychopaths: It is ethically permissible to compel a recidivist, incarcerated psychopath to undergo a moral bio-enhancement intervention?”

The presentations will be followed by small and large group discussions about related ethical questions. There will also be time for questions about our courses, including our intercalated BA and MA in Biomedical and Healthcare Ethics.

This online event is suitable for health care professionals, especially those interested in hearing more about the us and the courses we offer.

A Microsoft Teams link will be provided on the day of the event.

To confirm attendance please sign up via the University store.