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Group of 12 people sitting around a wooden trestle table in an art studio.

Work created by neurodivergent and learning disabled artists is going on show at the University of Leeds next week in a new exhibition which explores how they can develop their careers.

Fahacs collab 2 A Irregular art

A new blog by Dr Jade French on Irregular Art Schools shows the way forward to break down barriers to studying art.

Black and white image of a Una Marson stood against a wall reading a copy of the West Indian Radio Newspaper, during WWII

The rediscovery and subsequent performance of these works are discussed by Professor Kate Dossett in The Conversation.

Dr Rasha Solimon presenting at a conference

Dr Rasha K Soliman attended the UNESCO World Arabic Language Day celebration in Paris.

Red poster of five circular headshots or women to promote a women in journalism event

We are sponsoring Women in Journalism’s first panel discussion in the North, featuring Leeds Alumni and Editor of The Mirror, Alison Phillips, and some of the region’s key women journalists.