Dr Christiana Gregoriou

Dr Christiana Gregoriou


As a stylistician, I study the linguistic make-up of literary texts. Having researched into the poetics of deviance in contemporary crime fiction, I maintained a strong interest in the portrayal of the criminal in the genre and have used stylistic models of analysis so as to explore, among others, the poetic structure of the 'criminal mind'. Primarily, I have been focused on that notion that has come to be known as 'mind style'. More recently, I developed an interest in crime narratives across the true crime genre and media journalism also. By employing linguistic and narratological methods of analysis, my research worked toward developing a linguistic framework on the representation of criminal ideology. I also share an interest in several other types of crime and crime-preventing discourses, and – in 2017- published my latest monograph in the area of crime narrative migration in the form of translation, adaptation and remakes. In addition to my textbook on English Literary Stylistics, I have delivered crime writing workshops for aspiring crime writers attending the Newcastle Noir festival in 2015, 2016 and 2019, and written a report on my research-led option teaching for the English Subject Centre.

Research interests

I was Principal Investigator of the ESRC/AHRC-funded PACCS project on Representations of transnational human trafficking in present-day news media, true crime, and fiction. Details of the 2017 ESRC Leeds symposium I organised, and which arose out of this project can be found here.

I have been an associate member of PALA (as the Poetics and Linguistics Association is internationally known) since 2000, have attended most PALA conferences since then, and have published widely on the subject of crime narratives. I am also former chair of, and currently steering, the Crime Studies Network, a means of sharing ideas by facilitating interdisciplinary contacts, promoting events in crime studies, submitting bids, generating collections, and even engaging with non-academics who have an interest in the study of crime.

In addition to several journal articles and handbook chapters on the stylistics of mind style and crime fiction, I have published work on such subjects as human trafficking, true crime, linguistic foregrounding, adaptation, fanfiction and social movements, as well as generated edited collections on crime fiction retellings, crime narrative criticism and crime construction. My own-authored books include a book-guide on English Literary Stylistics (Palgrave, 2009) covering poetry, fiction and drama, the Anthony and Edgar-nominated 'Crime Files' series monograph on Deviance in Contemporary Crime Fiction (Palgrave, 2007), a monograph on Language, Ideology and Identity in Serial Killer Narratives (Routledge, 2011), and a monograph on Crime Fiction Migration: Crossing Languages, Cultures and Media (Bloomsbury, 2017). For a widget, which contains the Table of Contents, the Acknowledgements, and the first chapter of this book, click here. Though specialising in crime fiction and crime-related narratives more broadly, I welcome proposals from potential PhD students who wish to engage in research in any area of (critical) discourse analysis, stylistics, adaptation, cognitive poetics and/or pragmatics.

In addition to researching on stylistics and, more particularly, the stylistics of crime, I regularly contribute to the scholarly research into crime fiction by reviewing articles and books for journals, and relevant book proposals for publishers. I am editor of the book series Routledge Studies in Rhetoric and Stylistics and the Journal of Language and Discrimination. I have served as an elected member of the Leeds University Senate and also contribute to wider UK Higher Education initiatives such as of the English Subject Center and UK Higher Education Academy (of which I am a Fellow). Further to presenting conference papers around the world (UK, Hungary, Belgium, Finland, Japan, Netherlands, Italy, Malta, US, Germany, Slovenia), I have given invited talks in various universities not only in Britain (i.e. Sheffield, Huddersfield, Bournemouth, Hull, Kent, London), but also Cyprus (Nicosia), Canada (Waterloo), the US (Berkeley), Italy (Salerno), Finland (Tampere) and France (Aix-en-Provence). I also exchange-taught in Austria, Poland, and Spain in my role as Leeds School of English Study Abroad Tutor. I externally examined undergraduate degrees at Wolverhampton University, Sussex University's Applied Linguistics MA, and PhD theses in Glasgow University, Huddersfield University, the London School of Economics, and Waterloo University (Canada). Recently graduated and current Leeds PhD students of mine work on subjects ranging from metafiction to crime fiction translation, media discourses on fraud and Orientalism.

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  • Postgraduate Certificate in Learning and Teaching in Higher Education, University of Leeds
  • MA in English Language in Literary Studies, University of Nottingham
  • PhD in Deviance in Contemporary Crime Fiction, University of Nottingham
  • BA in English Language, Lancaster University

Professional memberships

  • Poetics and Linguistics Association

Student education

I deliver teaching in the BA in English Language and Linguistics, and the BA in English Language and Literature.

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