Our Posthuman Vulnerability - a talk by Dr Christine Daigle

Dr Christine Daigle, Director of the Posthumanism Research Institute at Brock University, will be presenting a talk on the concept of posthuman vulnerability.

The Leeds Centre for Medical Humanities presents: Our posthuman vulnerability, a talk by Dr. Christine Daigle, Director, Posthumanism Research Institute, Brock UniversityChristine Daigle is Professor of Philosophy and Director of the Posthumanism Research Institute, Director of the Posthumanism Research Network, and Chancellor’s Chair for Research Excellence at Brock University (St. Catharines, Canada).

She has worked and published extensively on Nietzsche, Beauvoir, and Sartre and is now researching intensely posthuman theory, material feminism, and affect theory.


 "My proposal for understanding the posthuman as “transjective” entails embracing our being as radically entangled and interconnected, a being that emerges from a manifold of affects, tensions, and relations and is constructed by them albeit always in flux, being done and undone by this web of relations and including its own relation to it. Our material entanglement with other humans, non-humans, living or non-living beings, renders us vulnerable. I argue that this is not to be understood negatively as it is generative of a new type of ethical responsibility, one that may lead to the enhanced flourishing of life in all its instances. Beyond accepting and embracing our entanglement, we must actively work toward affirming it and conceive of our vulnerability in affirmative and generative terms."

Location: Alumni Room, School of English.