Portrait of Laurence moreton burt

Laurence Moreton Burt

What made you want to study your course at the University?

The elements which really struck me about the course when I was applying was that there was a balance of academic and creative elements, as well as a strong focus on portfolio and post degree practical application.

I was also drawn to the course because of the mention of final year modules on innovation the descriptions that captured my imagination. My experiences on the open day were also extremely positive. The campus was very appealing, and the school of design was housed in a beautiful building. The staff and students were friendly and had answers to all my questions. It was a much more positive experience than I’d had at other open days. The chance to do a year in industry also helped me to choose this course over others. 

Describe the aspects of the course that you have enjoyed the most. 

I particularly enjoyed the practical garment technology modules. They introduced me to an entirely new skill, which was both challenging and rewarding. They provided a greater degree and appreciation of how much thought and effort goes in to both high-street and catwalk styles. It being an entirely new skill, you had to start small and simple but it was ultimately very rewarding when as my knowledge and understanding grew and expanded my ideas, expectations and outcomes grew and developed as well.

The dissertation was another element of the course I really enjoyed. Though initially daunting, the opportunity to fully immerse yourself in a subject you find genuinely interesting is ultimately very satisfying.

Tell us about your year in industry.

For my year in industry I completed 2 placements – one at a luxury ethical womenswear company called Beaumont organic, based in Manchester, and another at Luxury brand Erdem, in London. 

The experience came with a lot of challenges, it felt a lot like embracing graduate life early. However, it was definitely a positive experience that left me with an abundance of work and everyday skills I have found useful. It has definitely made me more employable, as I could discuss my experiences in cover letters and at interviews. Since graduating I have already found a job. 

What are you planning to do once you graduate?

My plan was to save up some money while hunting for a job in fashion design or production in London. I didn’t have much time for the former before I’d already achieved the latter.