Portrait of Georgia fitzhenry

Georgia Fitzhenry

What made you want to study your course at the University? 

I became interested in fashion and textiles in my early GCSE years and knew this is what I wanted to pursue as a career. The combination of creativity and a career orientated focus also encouraged me to select this course. The year in industry also made the course really stand out. 

Describe the aspects of the course that you have enjoyed the most. 

I enjoyed getting to know my course mates well as we spent so much time together in and out of university. I also enjoyed the chance to try new things and choose our own modules to accompany the compulsory ones. 

Tell us about your year in industry.

I worked at French Connection head office in London as a menswear design intern. 
It definitely made me more confident in myself and what I was capable of. I learnt so many new skills that I was able to apply in my final year of the course. It really helped me to achieve my final classification. My experience from this year in industry has helped immensely when applying for jobs as experience is something companies look upon highly when recruiting. 

What are you planning to do once you graduate?

I am currently looking into gaining some experience in the buying sector of the fashion industry to add to my CV and discover more about other areas of the industry.