Politics podcast created by Faculty staff to be aired across UK

The Sound of Politics hosted by Professor Stephen Coleman and produced in the School of Media and Communication at the University of Leeds will be broadcast on the radio from July

A podcast created by staff in the University of Leeds’ School of Media and Communication will be broadcast on the radio from July.

The Sound of Politics hosted by Professor Stephen Coleman and produced in the School of Media and Communication has been selected by Podcast Radio as one of the new shows the broadcast network will air to its listeners across the UK.

The podcast, which launched earlier this year, looks at how politicians speak to the public, how the public speak to politicians, and what the two think of each other. With guests from around the world, including politicians, scholars, and journalists, Professor Coleman explores the language they choose and the tricks and techniques often on display.

Host of the Sound of Politics, Professor Stephen Coleman, said: 

“I’m delighted that Podcast Radio has decided to include The Sound of Politics in its schedule. This will expose us to a Global new audience. I think that the podcast’s focus upon the techniques and strategies of political communication clearly distinguishes what we’re trying to do from other political podcasts”.

Founded in 2019, Podcast Radio is the first-ever platform for discovering, consuming, and promoting podcasts through an audio-first, linear approach. It plays podcasts 24-hours a day, and is available to listen to on various streaming channels, apps, smart speakers, and on FM, AM and DAB in various places across the UK.

Gerry Edwards, Founder and CEO of Podcast Radio, said:

"A great podcast is both an engaging and enlightening experience. We look forward to the Podcast Radio audience benefitting from hearing content from this podcast."

Producer of the Sound of Politics, and Teaching Fellow at the University of Leeds, Carl Hartley, said:

"Working with Stephen on the Sound of Politics has been educational. He brings such a wealth of knowledge to the podcast. I've worked in journalism and around politics for most of my career before coming to the university and I learn something new and interesting every time we record an episode. We need to get more people interested and engaged in politics. And this podcast can help a little with that. Knowing we're now going to reach even more people through Podcast Radio is great."

You can listen to all the episodes from series 1 of The Sound of Politics here. Episodes from Series 2 will be released over the next few weeks.