Postdoctoral Research Fellow Toby Huelin wins British Association of Film, Television and Screen Studies Award

Soundtracking the City Break: Library Music in Travel Television by Toby Huelin has won the BAFTSS Publication Award for Best Essay by a Doctoral Student.


Library music is used extensively in television production, but its central role is overlooked by scholars and viewers alike. Using travel television as a case study, this article examines the process of selecting library music and the impact of its use—especially when the same tracks function across multiple series.

The judges at the British Association of Film, Television and Screen Studies (BAFTSS) noted:

This article was engaging from the outset, examining the field of library music in travel television programming. It is notable in its detailed exploration of how library music is selected for television series. However, it was Huelin’s examination of the impact of musical reuse within a series, in this case Travel Man: 48 Hours In … (2015), that proved a unique dimension to this research. This work is an excellent addition to the field of audio-visual scholarship and presents readers with a springboard for further academic enquiry in this field.

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