LITAC Global Challenges Podcast - How does your cotton t-shirt make its way into the ocean and what damage is it doing?

This podcast series shines a light on research at our Institute, around the themes of textiles, colour and fashion, that addresses global environmental challenges faced by society and industry. 

Cotton is a natural fibre but the journey that this fibre takes from the humble cotton plant to your everyday t-shirt is quite unnatural. In this episode, we take a deep dive into why cotton could potentially be the most environmentally damaging fibre that is polluting our oceans on an enormous scale.

This episode is hosted by Professor Richard Blackburn (Professor of Sustainable Materials at the University of Leeds) he is joined by:

  • Professor Paul Kay (Professor of Water Science at the University of Leeds)

  • Olivia Skilbeck (PhD Researcher, University of Leeds)

You can listen to our latest episode and catch up on previous episodes at The Global Challenges Podcast | University of Leeds.