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Somebody sitting at the end of a dark corridor with a washing basket next to them. Text reads:

A short film produced for assessment by MA Film Photography and Media students has been voted to become part of the official selection for the National Student Film Awards 2023.

Someone speaking in front of a microphone in front of a crowd in a theatre.

The School of Performance and Cultural Industries is hosting a series of free public lectures in 2024, where academics from the school and beyond will share their latest research and thinking.

Three musicians in front of a grand piano. Left: Helen Vidovich holding a flute, leaning onto the side of the piano. Middle: Olga Stezhko, sitting in front of the piano and leaning back onto it with one elbow. Right: Val Welbanks standing, holding a cello

Friends of University Art and Music (FUAM) appoints the Marsyas Trio as Ensemble in Residence. They'll provide concerts, masterclasses and workshops across 2024/25.

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Leeds Futures Creative Arts is a programme designed to inspire and support Year 12 students interested in studying creative arts courses at the University of Leeds.

The leather sole of a child’s shoe, crudely cut from a Jewish religious parchment scroll – a Sefer Torah

Children's shoe soles cut crudely from the Jewish Torah could reveal chilling clues about Nazi-occupied Greece, according to new research by an academic at the University of Leeds.