Student reflections on remote learning

Reflecting on online learning in the School of Media and Communication

Hear from our students about their experiences learning online

Alba discusses how the School of Media and Communication has helped her career prospects with events and workshops to develop industry relevant skills, and reflects on her achievements this year.

More on Alba Goskova - BA Journalism

Anna shares how the School of Media and Communication helped her feel part of a community and the progress she’s made with her portfolio.

More on Anna Chadfield - BA Digital Media

Arzu tells how her tutor helped her transition from her study abroad to learning online. She also details her experiences in student societies; from the Leeds Student Radio to Bollywood Dancing.

More on Arzu Dutta - BA Journalism

Edith provides an overview of her experience learning online, detailing how lectures and seminars have adapted, and how the School of Media and Communication is helping develop her career prospects.

More on Edith Gough - BA Communication and Media

Gabriela expresses how she's been staying in the swing of things through university activities this year, from attending guest lectures to virtual meditation workshops with the Buddhist society.

More on Gabriela Kiryluk - BA Digital Media

Hannah explains how her personal tutor has gone above and beyond to support her throughout her degree.

More on Hannah Rose - BA Communication and Media

John talks about the support his tutors have provided him this year and how the School of Media and Communication has helped prepare him for a future career in media.

More on John Bellingall - BA Digital Media

Kenisha is from Indonesia and reflects on studying in a new country and how she’s been supported this year by the School of Media and Communication.

More on Kenisha Wardhana - BA Communication and Media

Listen to Lauren as she shares how her lectures and seminars feel just as engaging as her first year.

More on Lauren Hunter - BA Digital Media

Liam discusses how the tutors have maintained a collaborative experience to teaching. He shares his career aspirations and how the regular School of Media and Communication events have aided this.

More on Liam Cattermole - BA Journalism

Millie details how her tutors have adapted to the circumstances and still able to go the extra mile to make sure her cohort feels prepared for working in industry.

More on Millie Frain - BA Journalism

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