BA/MA Fine Art Degree Show 2017 opens this week

BA/MA Fine Art Degree Show 2017 opens this week

The School of Fine Art, History of Art and Cultural Studies will open its doors to the public from Friday for So What of the Future ― this year’s annual BA/MA Fine Art Degree Show.

Graduating into a world of post-truth politics, where the meaning and context of the art school is being reconfigured and where arts education and funding is under threat, 34 artists question ‘so what of the future?’ through a range of diverse practices.

The title of the 2017 Fine Art Degree Show reflects on the wider context of imminent social and political changes, combined with the personal considerations of each artist progressing from the catalyst of the degree show towards a new beginning.

Asking ‘so what?’ of this current climate, whilst being aware of the uncertainty surrounding it, these artists consider the role of their own practices through a variety of outcomes that intend to intrigue, question and excite.

Professor Abigail Harrison Moore, Head of the School of Fine Art, History of Art and Cultural Studies, said:

Maria Baker working in the fine art studio at the University of Leeds“The Degree Show is the highlight of our year and we are really excited about showing to the public the work our students have produced.”

So What of the Future will be the first of our Degree Shows to take place in the School’s new premises, located at the heart of campus on University Road, making use of our light, open studios and versatile exhibition spaces.

Visitors will be able to take in a broad range of art practice, including film, painting, print, installation, sculpture and textiles. The artists showing their work are a combination of students from the final year BA Fine Art and MA Fine Art programmes.

Degree Show Co-ordinator Georgia Taylor, a final year BA Fine Art student, said:

“Coordinating the degree show has been a challenging but rewarding process. We have learnt a great deal about fundraising, sponsorship, educational engagement, publicity and curatorship. Seeing all these parts finally assembled has been exciting and fulfilling… definitely the best way to end our degree!”

Zoë Carlon, Head of Publicity for the Degree Show and a BA Fine Art International student, said:

“I don’t think any of us realised how much work putting the degree show together would be. But now we are nearly at the end of the process it’s great to be able to say we’ve done it! It’s taught us a lot about collaboration and teamwork and I think that’s definitely evident in the finished result.”

Work by Louis PawlettA private view for So What of the Future takes place on the evening of 15 June, where the Degree Show will be formally opened by alumna Ingrid Roscoe, Lord Lieutenant of West Yorkshire (BA Fine and Decorative Arts; PhD) at 6.45pm. The Show will then be open to the public from 16 to 23 June (daily from 11am to 6pm).