Senior Teaching Fellow, Jane Scott featured in Yorkshire Vision Magazine

Senior Teaching Fellow, Jane Scott featured in Yorkshire Vision Magazine

Senior Teaching Fellow at the School of Design, spoke to Yorkshire Vision about how our textiles students are encouraged to play an active and creative role in architecture and interiors work.

The article, featured in the Yorkshire Post’s, Yorkshire Vision Magazine focused on “building the future”, exploring how Yorkshire’s design and architecture students are well placed to create the greener cities to come.

At the School of Design, BA Textile Design students are exposed to a broad range of applications for their work. Speaking to Yorkshire Vision, Jane explains that, especially in structured textiles, “The focus of study is to consider how the materials and processes fundamental to textile design can be applied within different sectors.”

Students are encouraged to investigate the potential for future applications of textile design within the built environment.This approach has seen many students producing design collections which utilise both 2D and 3D fabric surfaces which can be used within the interior and architecture industries.

The article highlights a number of past students who have gone on to create, innovate and work within these industries including structured textile design student, Amy Chen.

Graduating in 2015, Amy’s final collection aimed to make people see knitted fabric in a new light, producing large, self supporting structures from laser-cut perspex “knitted into columns and sheets.

Her work went on to be exhibited in Colonise: Responsive Knitted Environments, which turned part of Leeds Dock into a showcase for a range of new applications for kitted textiles on an architectural scale.