World Factory

World Factory is an interdisciplinary performance project, exploring the relationship between China and the UK through the lens of the global textile industry.


Dr Mark Sumner, from the School of Design, provided expert advice for the project, which was first performed at the Young Vic,  London (11th May to the 6th June 2015). It proved so popular with audiences that it was extended by a week.

The show is now on a UK tour and will be arriving in Manchester this December.
Understanding the ethics of the fashion industry and the distribution of responsibility between workers, factory owners, brands and ultimately consumers is complex and difficult to map, even for experts that have been working in the industry for many years.

However, the World Factory unpicks the issues of responsibility and ethics by inviting the audience to take on the role of managing a factory in an engaging, exciting and thought provoking example of theatre game playing.

Anyone who is interested in learning more about the fashion and clothing industry and wants to explore some of the realities of the decisions that are taken by the industry to feed the Western world’s insatiable desire for more clothing, should book a ticket and experience the World Factory performance.

The World Factory tickets for the Manchester performances can be found here.

World Factory reviews:

‘One thing we might learn from World Factory is that if there is such a thing as responsible capitalism then it is in its death throes or was faking it all along.’ Exeunt Magazine