Jane Scott speaks on environmentally responsive textiles at The Other Way symposium

Jane Scott, constructed textile designer and Senior Teaching Fellow on BA Textile Design, has been invited to speak at The Other Way symposium at Central Saint Martins, London on Friday 2 February.

The Other Way explores the contemporary shift towards biological manufacturing and alternative bio-inspired design protocols. 11 international architects and designers will present ‘other ways’ to design for a more sustainable future.

Scott will be presenting her new paper, How to Programme a Textile: Biomimicry and the Design of Environmentally Responsive Fabrics. 

Scott said:

“I was really pleased to be asked to contribute to this important event which asks how designers can use biology within the design process.

At the symposium I will be discussing how a bio-inspired approach has led to the design of environmentally responsive textiles for interior and exterior architectures.”
Scott’s work re-examines the constituent components of knit fabrics, in order to engineer smart behaviours into knitted textiles without using electronics or smart synthetic materials.

A fascination with materials is fundamental to her practice and she is particularly interested in the inherent properties of natural fibres within knit design applications.

She has recently designed RKS (the responsive knit system), which outlines a programmable material system for the design of responsive knitted fabrics.

The Other Way is organised by Maison/0, is an incubator of sustainable intelligence designed to provoke current creative practices and challenge our collective futures. Set up as part of the CSM LVMH partnership launched in May 2017, Maison/0 provides a platform to develop innovative sustainable projects across Central Saint Martins and LVMH. Leading the initiative in both local and global contexts, Professor Carole Collet is the inaugural CSM LVMH Director of Sustainable Innovation.