School of Design student awarded £3000 HATRA Bursary

The Worshipful Company of Framework Knitters (WCFK) have awarded the highly coveted HATRA Bursary to School of Design student, Ailsa Jennings-Bramly.

45 students were interviewed across 19 universities by the WCFK’s Education Committee, searching for individuals with outstanding talent and potential. Considerations were taken by the committee for the difficulties faced by students during the COVID-19 pandemic but were impressed to see innovation and creativity in the works presented to them.

The representatives of WCFK were particularly impressed, after visiting Leeds at the end of 2021, to see a dedicated commitment by the School of Design to prepare graduates for the creative industries by offering an exemplary technical education alongside the development of artistic skills. 

With the HATRA Bursary, Ailsa will be able to take full advantage of the support and mentorship opportunities offered by WCFK to ensure the best possible start in her career within the knitting industry after graduation. 

The WCFK have offered their congratulations to all staff involved for so effectively preparing students for the professional world despite the challenges and restrictions on teaching over the last two years.

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