Fashion sustainability lecturer speaks in parliament

Dr Mark Sumner has presented evidence in parliament at the Environmental Audit Committee on the topical issue of sustainable fashion

Dr Sumner presented his evidence at the committee's first evidence hearing as part of the inquiry into the Sustainability of Fashion Industry on Tuesday 30th October. During the hearing Dr Sumner spoke of his concern about the pressur that so called "fast fashion" is having on workers and the environment. He also discussed how pressure to look good means that people, particularly young people, will always pick a clothing item which they feel they look more attractive in as oposed to considering which products are more sustainable.

The Environmental Audit Committee is investigating the social and environmental impact of the fashion industry and how clothing has become easily disposible . The inquiry is examinining the carbon, resource use and water footprint of clothing throughout its lifecycle and is investigating how clothes can be recycled in order to reduce waste and pollution.

Dr Sumner said "It is great to see the government and the audit committee trying to get a better understanding of the challenges the fashion industry faces in delivering products in a more sustainable way. Hopefully the work we are doing at the School of Design on sustainability, micro plastics and consumer behaviour will  continue to help inform policy makers and provide solutions for the industry."

You can read more about the inquiry on the UK parliament website