Music Colloquium: Popular music classics & discourses of remembering

The speaker is Dr Daragh O’Reilly (University of Sheffield).


Daragh O’Reilly reports on a study of the Classic Albums series of film documentaries. Drawing upon cultural memory and discourse analysis theory, the study focuses on the role of mediality in the construction of ‘authorised’ accounts of the production of well-known popular music albums, including Graceland, Rumours, The Number of the Beast, The Dark Side of the Moon, Ace of Spades and Damn the Torpedoes.

The study identifies the discourses at work in this social remembering, shows how the mediality of remembering works, and how different media are integrated in order to produce a rhetorical, persuasive, account of an organisational memory.

About the speaker

Daragh O’Reilly is Senior Lecturer in Creative and Cultural Industries at Sheffield University Management School. His primary research interest is in the relationships between artists, markets, consumption and culture. His current work focuses on artist biographies, classic albums, theatre, and the artistic/literary imagination. He is particularly interested in the production and consumption of artistic and commercial meanings about artists and their offerings.

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