Crackle: A night of turntablist experimentalism

Crackle: A night of turntablist experimentalism

Welcome to Crackle! This is an event showcasing experimental turntablism, so expected the unexpected!

Armed with 25 minutes each, these performers will share with you what “Experimental Turntablism” means to them.



James Kelly
As a turntablist for the last 15 years, James Kelly’s music explores the remixing of vinyl using DJ scratch techniques for the creation of new music. The piece Vinyl Minimalism takes his compositional approach in new directions by utilising a disc cutting lathe – a machine which is traditionally used in the manufacture of records. The mechanism and limitations of the lathe itself are used as an artistic tool to shape the music. The performance is created using three turntables to mix music which Kelly has cut to vinyl using a range of experimental disc cutting techniques that alter the timbre of sound recordings.
 In 2009 Kelly was selected by UK Young Artists to represent the UK at the Young Artists Biennale in Skoje, Macedonia. Other notable performances include; Tate Modern, Modern Art Oxford, MK Gallery, Milton Keynes, New Art Exchange, Nottingham, Sue Townsend Theatre, Leicester and The Avenue Gallery in Northampton.

Edward Wilson-Stephens
Edward Wilson-Stephens creates experiments through cracked media and abstract turntablism explorations. Some of the horrors include tone arms bouncing up and down on warped vinyls and records being played like a violin. External electronic instruments are also performed using these ethereal experiments.

NikNak is a DJ & Turntablist who specialises in playing eclectic styles of music in her sets. One goal of hers is to continue developing the role and general perception of a DJ/Turntablist by incorporating self-recorded soundscapes and multi-channel performances. Having graduated with a degree in Music Technology and Innovation from DMU, NikNak is further progressing her knowledge by currently studying for an MA in Electronic and Computer Music, and believes that music and the creation or manipulation of it should be continually pushed to further people’s imaginations, both as audience members and performers.