Summer Festival 2023: Rohim Badsha Rupban – The Ballad of a Bengali Oedipus

In collaboration with Saudha Society of Poetry and Indian Music and Leeds based organisation RadhaRaman Society.

A rare and exotic presentation of Bengali ancient rural theatre incorporating captivating myths, fairy-tales, visceral folk music and dazzling dance in a stunning theatrical setting. This ancient Bengali opera tells the story of Rahim, a young boy, who is destined to be married to an older girl in order to avoid a fatal curse.

Inspired by the Greek story of Oedipus this 90 minutes gripping Bengali folk ballad explores the conflict between free-will and fatalism, combining traditional Western storytelling with the captivating melodies of Bengali folk music. A performance guaranteed to transport you to a rural village of Bengal, to lie beneath its traditional storytelling spot; a Banyan tree draped in hundreds of lanterns.

Directed and performed by poet Ahmed Kaysher, this beautiful Bengali village opera features:

  • Ahmed Kaysher (Story-teller)
  • Sonia Sultana (Rupban)
  • Sohel Ahmed (Rohim Badsha)
  • Sarwar e Alam (King)
  • Luzan (Tajel)
  • Amith Dey (Keyboard)
  • Jessy Barua (singer)
  • Rahel Chowdhury (Mandira)
  • Jeet Ganguly (Saint)
  • Shree Ganguly (Introduction)

Please note that doors will open from 7pm. Book your ticket.

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