Professor Emeritus Clive Brown joins pianist Kirill Gerstein for an online seminar

Professor Emeritus Clive Brown joins the pianist Kirill Gerstein in an online seminar to discuss “The deceptive simplicity of musical notation”.

Professor Brown has written prolifically on a wide range of subjects including Classical and Romantic performance practice, issues of scholarly editing and 18th and 19th century German music.

In this online seminar, Professor Brown will discuss:

  • How the relationship between notation and performance has changed over time.
  • How our present understanding of that relationship came about. 
  • What we can learn from historical evidence about that relationship in the past.
  • How this understanding might affect our responses in the future. 

This event, hosted by Kronberg Academy is free to join, will be delivered in English and begins at 18:00 CET. 

Book your place and find out more on the Kronberg Academy website.