Welcome to Dr Aniket Chettry: Research spotlight

Dr Chettry is the School of History's Charles Wallace India Trust visiting fellow 2024.

Dr Chettry joins us from Siliguri College in West Bengal and will be at Leeds for the spring of 2024.

He will present a research semimar on the topic ‘Exploring the Socio-religious World of Medieval Bengal through the Lens of the Mangalkavya Literature’ as part of the Institute for Medieval Studies events series 2023-24 on 19th March, to which all are welcome. Dr Chettry joins us now to tell us a bit more about himself.

What is your research background?

I specialise in Medieval Indian History. My doctoral research explored the dynamics within the frontier society of pre-colonial Bengal using a genre of performative narratives called Mangalkavyas as the primary source material.  

What are your research plans while you are here at Leeds?

During my stay at Leeds, I plan to analyse the diverse religious interactions that took place within medieval Bengal between diverse religious traditions that jostled for space in this region. 

What else are you looking forward to during your fellowship?

I am extremely excited to be a part of the School of History at the University of Leeds and I want to engage with students and faculty members here and be a part of the liberal and vibrant academic atmosphere that I have come to admire about the University of Leeds from my previous visits.

I also want to learn a lot more about medieval European history, especially English history, during my brief stay while also hoping to use this opportunity to familiarise the academic community here with the medieval history of India.

Charles Wallace India Trust fellowships

Dr Chettry’s fellowship is generously supported by the Charles Wallace India Trust. Learn more about the scheme on our fellowships webpage.