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The LUU Medieval Society is hosting a Game Night open to anyone with an interest in medieval-themed games, including Settlers of Catan, Shadows over Camelot, and more.

Parkinson building

Dr Simon Hewitt (University of Leeds) will present a Medieval Group lecture titled 'Aquinas on the Soul after Death'.

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An event titled 'Readers and Reading in the Book: the Imaginary and the Material' is co-organised by the IMS, and will focus on the practices and experiences of reading represented in literary texts.

Michael Sadler and Baines Wing

Ever thought about studying for an MA? Find out about the Masters courses available in the School of History.

Michael Sadler building

Dr Helen Birkett (University of Exeter) will present the final lecture in the 2018-19 School of History Medieval History Seminar series, titled 'News, Current Events, History'.

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A lecture titled 'Witchcraft in the Library', presented by Dr Catherine Batt (University of Leeds), will focus on witchcraft and its influence in communities, from medieval to modern.

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